The temperatures are dropping fast this days and this suprised most of us, mostly because just last week we were outside wearing T-shirts, enjoying the warm sunlinght.

Even if days are getting shorter I personally prefer this weather because we can enjoy the suprising Autumn tones and mirror them in our looks.

Furthermore I’m litteraly in Love with these long afternoons, having a big cup of coffe or tea, reading books or simply chatting with friends about: what makes us happy, or which are our projects for the future and so on.

And what a better moment to bring out our Autumn items and mix them to achive a perfect Fall fashion look ?
(if you have it of course…I don’t, but this is a funny story I am going to tell you later.)


Five MUST HAVE for Autumn 2020!

The midi length coat is definitely my favourite piece independently of colour and texture.

The oversized blazer accesorized with a wide waist belt take your look to the next level.

You will be surprised to know that floral prints are in vogue this season even more on midi skirts.

Oversized white shirts are back in Fashion this year giving a very impeccable look

Ankle boots, knee-high boots or sustainable white sneakers? I give you the freedom to choose.